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Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Jiudian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Resistive remote pressure gauge


Wiring diagram of resistance remote transmission pressure gauge and secondary instrument XMY-10 pressure digital display instrument and XMY-12 pressure digital display controller.

   Resistance Remote Pressure Gauge Suitable for measuring the pressure of liquids, vapors and gases that do not corrode steel and copper alloys. Because a sliding wire resistance transmitter is arranged inside the resistance remote transmission pressure gauge, the measured value can be transmitted to the secondary instrument far away from the measurement to realize centralized detection and remote control. In addition, the resistor remotely transmits the pressure gauge and can indicate pressure locally to facilitate on-site inspection.

2.the main technical indicators


Accuracy level: 16

Transmitter starting resistance value: 30 ~ 20Ω

Transmitter full resistance value: 340 ~ 400Ω

Transmitter terminal 11 applied voltage is not greater than 6V

Sliding wire resistive transmitter wiring diagram


The ambient temperature condition of the resistance remote transmission pressure gauge is -40 to 60 °C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the vibration and the rapid pulsation of the measured (control) medium have no obvious influence on the normal operation of the instrument.

Temperature effect: When the temperature is deviated from 20±5°C, the temperature additional error is not more than 0.4%/10°C.

3、the structural principle
  The resistance remote transmission pressure gauge is composed of a spring tube pressure gauge and a sliding wire resistance transmitter, etc. The mechanical part of the resistance remote transmission pressure gauge has the same function as the general spring tube pressure gauge. Since the resistance transmitter system is disposed on the gear transmission mechanism, when the sector gear shaft in the gear transmission shaft is deflected, the rotating arm (brush) of the resistance transmitter is also deflected accordingly, since the brush is on the resistor The sliding causes the change of the measured pressure value to be converted into a change in the resistance value, and is transmitted to the secondary meter to indicate a corresponding reading value. At the same time, the instrument also indicates the corresponding pressure value.


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